When the Light Went Out

A light went off in my head
Waiting for your death was like waiting for that first drop on the rollercoaster, in the bad way.
I can’t seem to grasp my mind around your being gone

I just know I miss you dearly and was happy where you left a hole

Where did you go?

Can I be with you there? Will you come back and get me? You are so used to me going to get you, I Probably shouldn’t expect you to or shouldn’t expect you still exist.

Mommy my doggies…

I don’t want to stop feeling this either, because it is what  links me to you today, that is all I have left, every time I think about you and remember your voices and your faces. I’m afraid of forgetting and losing you for good.
I want to hallucinate you.

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2 Responses to When the Light Went Out

  1. Luis says:

    Me gustó esto: it is what links me to you today, that is all I have left
    Para quién es? sorry for your loss.

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