Pie Baking Contest

The upper crust is the crispiest, warmest in the oven and cools the easiest once it is pulled out of the oven.

As a Mexican American residing in Mexico, it is difficult not to notice the deep rooted inequalities. I work at one of the most expensive universities in Mexico and at a state owned university. The first is a breeze, everything I need to be prepared to teach (in terms of training and material) is at my fingertips. At the latter, things are much more difficult. As I write this, I am at the state owned school. Its freezing, probably the coldest day this winter. Mexico City does not require central heating, but today it feels like it does.

My students come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and as such have different motivations, interests and even objectives. The students at the private university are certain that they will be the leaders and owners of the companies in Mexico, the students (studying international business) strive to get a job at a multinational or at least hope to contact someone who can give them a leg up.

Humble  and middleclass backgrounds vs silver spoon… there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t ask myself how to get all my students setting their sights higher than the stars. What is the difference? Why is one more empowered than the other?

How can I bake this pie through?

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