The Futility of 90’s Reminiscence

Great music and definitely a different kind of light lit up my brain waves. Everything in my life was neither here nor there. –A decade long stomach ache that got me into a sweet pair of jeans and the cutest tops.




casey kasemI remember trying to make something stick, for the love of God, just an ounce of something to rely on. And really great music. At least, Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown made me feel much cooler than the decade allowed for.

I long for those days, when it seemed life could and did change at a moments notice. It’s not that it is no longer possible (I hope I haven’t rustled fate), its just not coming at me/us like it used to. People have settled down, for about a decade or so. I suspect that the fun is about to start up again. I wouldn’t be honest if I were to say that I won’t miss things. It is very comfortable to be where I am. Still, there is a twitch and an itch that are ready to rumble.

So enough 90’s over glorification… I mean "-things that make you go mmmmm”


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