Drink – It

Ok! So this is what you are going to do, take that bottle over there, shake it, shake it like there’s no tomorrow. Pound it on the ground! Don’t worry, it won’t crack. JUST DO IT!  You’ll know your almost finished when your arms start burning, but you can’t stop, you have to clear your mind, the harder you bang that bottle, the better. Now go!! You’ll know you are through when you have forgotten, not only the why but the what.

I’ll be there and all I’ll say is, Drink it.

Don’t think a split second more, go and do as I say.

This morning, Henry wasn’t sure about anything, really. He just knew there were some basic truths in his morning CNN to evening sitcom. The in-between part was narrated by his parents. Was he passionate?? Did that even matter? Sure he enjoyed a few things. The jolt from his morning coffee, the crackle of leaves and the thunder of his footsteps on hardwood floors. He had convinced himself that the little things were what made up his day and his quaint happiness. He would never entertain thoughts of being part of a system or a slave to whatever have you. But he did entertain that man’s thought, that man on the corner. He had passed him on his way to get a doughnut. –He retuned with an apple. Not 15 minutes had gone by when he was passing that man again.  “I would have never thought!”, spouted Henry, and then did what he was told, before he could even look confounded.

Perhaps she was a lover, or some sort of admirer. She was introduced only as Sam. She said the following:

Bummer, you drank the Kool-aid and now your dead.

Sugar plumbs gently glide from your head.

no whisper will get through, nor glimpse of breath.

Succumbing to the ultimate un.

I’ve been waiting for you to stir my thoughts again, to de-insulate my thoughts.

Had you not sipped to your content, you would have probably found a guiding phrase for that novel.

Now you are stripped of it all, anything that could have weighed you down.

I’m still waiting for word.

I’m sure you’ve gotten my messages…

This exchange has been quite awkward since you decided to leave me behind, without even a hint of what’s to come.

Shame on you, creature and son of the not-human-anymore.

And that was that.

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