Those who can and do vs. those who can’t be bothered

It never ceases to surprise me when a business is thriving and why. How unfortunate when those businesses forget to train their representatives in service. Know-how is not enough unless you have the monopoly and nobody else is willing to put up a fight.

Two weeks ago I got my hair cut, high-lighted and dried. The owner and person with whom I made the appointment sat with me and listened to what I wanted. He was intent on making sure I left happy and feeling beautiful. He is great at what he does and I’m sure his business will continue growing. Nevertheless my experience that Saturday in terms of time in the chair was not welcome 3 hours. If you’ve gotten a trim and highlights you know that the color takes max 45 min and the rest about an hour, hour and a half, depending  on the cut. My trim took 15 min, wash 8 min and blow dry max 15 min. About an hour and a half tops. How can you explain me sitting in the chair for 3 hours? Well, they were very busy that day and mismanaged the appointments.

When I mentioned this to the receptionist, she shrugged and said, well, that is how long it takes. I even volunteered asking if it would be better for me to make an appointment during the week and she said, that would be ok, just to be sure to call ahead. She didn’t even pay attention to the question. When I mentioned that it wasn’t my first time getting my hair done she said it over again. How disappointing.

When I walked over to the owner to let him know, he immediately apologized. He knows that getting your hair done is mostly about the service you get during. I appreciated the apology, but I don’t think I want to go back.

The other side…

I am applying to teach at a national university, I’m psyched. I haven’t even been hired yet and they have me taking courses on class preparation and coaching, empowerment and leadership. This is an institution that is concerned not only with quality but with service. This motivated me even more.

Business without the humility to serve is doomed. I guess unemployment isn’t only a result of government mismanagement of laissez faire, is it? Capitalism isn’t the problem. I’m willing to bet part of it is people who can’t be bothered to go all the way in terms of service.

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