Romantic Comedies

I’m watching Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hugh Grant, as always does a stellar job at letting the girl slip through his hands. Alas, worry not, the girl always ends up back in his arms. This is constantly repeated in Hugh Grant movies and romantic comedies in general.

I can’t help wondering, who’s fantasy is this?

Are you writing for men, women? Both? Is there a collective fantasy of being underappreciated, abandoned emotionally and then revisited by this same person who suddenly, after a very lonely time, decides to slap across your forehead –you’re the one-. There you go, the romance of being an after thought. This person “realized” (in the best case), that a mistake had been made. The worst case is that this person comes back because life is utterly boring and the costar makes life bearable.

That is worse than getting a marriage proposal after issuing an ultimatum.

The thing is, this is a component of the comedy part. This of course does not play out in real life. Nobody is laughing. Furthermore, if you act the emotionally detached part… you are just plain damaged.

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