Make Fire. Be Man.

Chew tobacco – don’t throw up.

Build, discover and/or invent something.

Keep a woman happy, keep a woman at home? -no. not necessarily.

Survive a brutal adventure of mountains and Billy goats.

Open the jar of jelly that nobody else has opened.

Play the videogame that she likes, even if you think its not manly enough for you. This applies to music, movies and theater. Also, admitting you like it and considering it manly all the same is even manlier.

Be as cool and aloof as Brad Pitt in Fight Club and as healthy as that swimmer that was caught with cannabis in his urine tests.

Mel Gibson and Sean Connery’s love child with Heath Ledger’s sensitivity and Johnny Depp’s quirkiness. A Dash of Clint, with a reserve of Mr. Roger’s to use when needed. Sailing skills optional, uniform mandatory.  -I digress.

A good man must be a gentle man, civil man and baseball man/football man/ Mad Man . – REALLY? why not a hardcore opera-ballet man?

Settle for a Music-Man and end up with a Stella Wanter Lover.

What does it all even mean? Are our gender roles influenced by impossible stereotypes and fun yet irrational fantasies? Who is behind this façade… then, it probably isn’t. It would be just our luck that reality is what it seems.  Are gender roles intrinsically influenced by our hunter-gatherer dichotomy?

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