Forming Parallels

Working all day while dream patterns form parallels.

It’s like I’ve been living in that parallel place while my eyes and logic rummaged and analyzed.

It was doubly productive, one and I would say.

Wonderful, candid and perfectly planned meetings and sights.

Intrinsic to every mind and sigh.

It was noisy at times by the sea, quieter in the forest and quiet busy with the words on the screen.

I also found the place where I can miss you, where I am Miss Afternoon Tea.

The bridge between memories of dreams and reality that overlapped creating those pesky déjà vu. Just out of grasp, barely having rolled of the tips of my fingers into someone else’s consciousness, regrettably, not staying long enough in mine to really understand it. Next time I’ll have a net to tie that thought down so I can look at it from all angles and smell it till it’s true. Photograph it and carry around the proof, once and for all.

Not bad at all…

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1 Response to Forming Parallels

  1. Me says:

    I dream I could get back to the days when I remembered what I had dreamt. Trouble is I don’t even remember that dream. Add to that, that the episodes of the dream that is life are recalled with great difficulty and oblivion engulfs my parallels.

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