The “N” Factor

When I think about our conception of beauty as a society and the lengths we go to to achieve or maintain it I can’t help wondering where it stems from. Since when is the body as natural as it comes not beautiful enough?

Victorian rules in the 1950’s that have presently transcended. The women of Mad Men adhering to these rules strictly to land the right man, hold a certain rank in society and command the respect of other women and attention of the right men.

This is not true for all men, nor is it true for all women… but it kind of is. These sets of rules give the illusion of control and civility.  Playing by the rules is rewarded by positive enforcement. Not playing by the rules is punished with phrases expressing lack of femininity and even violence through exile. –She is not a good woman, she is not proper.  She wants to call attention to herself.  To what end? – Surely you realize she wants sex. She is trying too hard. I can’t help thinking that people who reproduce this form of violence aren’t actually feeling threatened to the core. How dare you? You are low to play outside the established rules. Hey, by the way, who do you think established these rules?

It really is too bad. It is sad that we would unconsciously reproduce this form of violence so blatantly without even pausing to question motive or even respect an individual’s prerogative to autonomy and self expression.

It’s a gamble to even think you are working against the rules and find someone who actually likes you the way you are, in your most natural of states, right off the bat. In the end that is what it is, isn’t? The esthetics of the matter work to cover up everything natural and even work to make you look sickly, in some present and past cases. I’m referring to makeup that makes women look paler to avoid the idea she works  “outside in the sun” or chemicals that darken your skin. Since when is gleaming skin from exercise and fruit not good enough? In the color you were born in.

Undergarments that change the form of breasts, hide nipples and squeeze fatty deposits into your organs for safe keeping creating a silhouette that is geometrically easier to draw and take in.  Because that is beautiful and correct. Gorgeous pointy shoes that change the shape of feet and ultimately put the people wearing them in a less than good mood. That is glamour.

Are you prepared to make up your mind about where your conception of beauty comes from? Are you prepared to create your own subjective and distinctive projection of beauty? Is it even possible?

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