It’s not as if it matters if things go well or not. Things happen and that is just a fact.

Does it matter if someone is well off while another lives in a pear-shaped world?

Suffice to say that to some it does and to others it just doesn’t, therefore making any question about it irrelevant. You can’t make people care.

But, there are some people that do. They do, and they search to make the pear-shaped more circular.

She lived and died under similar circumstances. I never witnessed her feeling remarkable or extraordinarily happy. I didn’t contribute to making her life better.  I barely knew  her.

They said that she just gave up. I wonder how many times she thought and felt that way. We all knew how she was treated by most of the world. I can’t help wondering if we all did our best to make her life better and easier. The honest answer.

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