You Must be Legit

One might get excited when they see hot words while doing a search in the job classifieds. Cultural training, international company, and things like that that lead you to consider sending your CV to a nondescript Hotmail account. It must be legit. Right?

Then you get an answer back on a Saturday… having regretted sending the CV in the first place you feel for just a millisecond that your parent’s aren’t going to get an extortion call and that Everything is Going To Be O    K…

The response you get from the Hotmail account address just tells  you to present yourself on Tuesday –So we can tell you more about our International Corporation, the project and you must consider that this interview is definite because we seek to hire immediately.

So  I’m here thinking how ridiculous I was to even consider sending my CV to a nondescript hotmail account and furthermore how dumb I came across as they sent the address and instructions and told me to show up… whatever time I’d like.

I bet I could get them to offer me a ride to Satelite in their “Very bad man, human trafficking van” if I say pretty please.

Still no mention of the company’s name or the position they are so convinced I would fit perfectly.

I’m not worried…

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