Everyday People

I will not excuse myself for generalizing human conduct. This has been said and I am one of those people who does not feel bad about thinking about something that has previously been thought for the sake of thinking.

People tend to fall into two categories in my realm of search for truth: those motivated by selfish interests and those motivated by lofty ideals. They are uneven in number and some would say uneven in satisfaction – gratification. The group motivated by self/selfish interests seem honest, harsh and rational unto themselves. The idealists regret them vis a vis the current state of things locally and globally. The mighty idealist whom falls into the tar pit of self serving miscreants incite chatter and banter and dare I say it, outrage inspired by this human fault to the self proclaimed idealists remaining. Told you nobody could be that good. Then again, rethink the outrage// could it be a let down so violent it reaffirms their self-appreciation… or is it just the psychopathic- bully in the school yard picking on the kid that turns the other cheek?

Then again, it is all a matter of choice, integrity and congruence when hearts are won. True hearts until they are not. Is that what the thing is? A matter of time? Oh how the mighty have fallen? Or is it an inherit aspect of humans? –Now that is defeatist in the most loathsome of fashions.

A for love or for money scenario, through and through. Can none control this? Surely we are not innocent till proven guilty. Then again… 

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