Of Bathrooms, Hair and Bananas

Being unemployed requires a great deal of imagination and patience. Especially when it comes to hair-care and recreational activities. When one finds the intersection of the two, it is not out of the question to yelp a SCORE! or at least let your eyes flutter in delight.

Last Sunday had the good fortune of sponsoring said intersection. I recall the 11:00 am sun warming our porch as I walked to the door to get the paper. I looked up and wondered if I was the only one wishing today were a day for car rides and sparkle in the eye kisses. As I walked back to the house, along shards of green and cold whites under bare toes, I came across a mirror and stopped to admire almost 29 years on this placid and ill-tempered Earth. “Oh my” I thought to myself, as I sometimes do when I really think about it. “My hair seems a bit on the frail side.” So I awayed to the kitchen, my special laboratory and very un-seemingly  French chamber.

I had previously learned, from a rather numbskull query on the Internet, that a mash of bananas with honey would do wonders for hair. So there I was, mashing a banana with honey, tasting it till it was perfect. The remains of my apothecary experiment were spread evenly on my brownish gold-hued shoulder length hair and promptly wrapped in a stylish saran wrap. Thirty minutes later I was ready for a shower.

Little did I know how difficult it would be to wash the gunge out of my now gorgeous and lush hair.  One, two, three times, lather-rinse-repeat. “That should be enough” I proudly proclaimed, eager to towel my hair off and blow dry it into glory that only Farah or the Shampoo girls know. Voilà! Gunge in my towel… “Now what?!” So I raced (stretched) my hand to the nearest comb and stuck my now for sure super-star hair under warm water and proceeded to comb the banana and honey out.

Does my hair look marvelous? Kind of. Did it smell of bananas for a whole day? -Yes. Did the bathroom match? –Yes. Would I do it again?

I’ll let you know. Till then I bid you farewell and thank thee for reading this courageous adventure.

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