Tantamount to what?

Too far away to know or need to know

Simple reds and purples today; yellow is out of the question and definitely out of mind.

I don’t care

not enough, at least.

Lingering in dreams….  should’ve walked away sooner.

Passion is not one-dimensional, much less it’s cousin Love.

When eyes flutter while shut, it’s just roaming, see?

The rambling nuisance must be silenced with a swift dull blow

Scalpel!  Sledgehammer! Swift removal of epithelial encapsulation.

Oh, my. How grotesque.

Clamp! Wait, we will still be needing that. Understood?

Pay no attention to what is happening in the corner over there, that is past been buried, been mourned, been done with.

Squeal and snicker, ripe with want, are you?

Klober it out now! No hesitation. Filter it, scream it.

Nail that door shut, nail it I said! Barricade the door!  Don’t let it back in!

Silly spider, live outside.

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