Wild Soul Swings


You ever held a wild soul in your arms?

squirms and moves like it needs to be free

Stays put for a moment, just to see what it feels like

Wild soul gravitates towards something on the outside; a whole other solar/soular system

Wild soul can’t stay, only for the day

Sun calms moon sways

Climb and sing and run, burst through the trees, ride the wind on that girl’s hair

Rip through the thorough thoughts of simpleton’s minds

Invigorate and agitate then seep through porous contention walls

They act like a funnel and centrifuge… you never know if they really feel at home anywhere, with anyone.

Never know if they ever really make contact  or even feel the depth

Even so, they might be that way because they feel it even more

So choose a star and hurl yourself towards it

Choose a wave and ravage it

Choose a lover and strip him

Beg your soul free-love-creation like on enchanting nights of whimsical sanctuary

Beg to be yourself through and through

Hope to be loved for yourself, through and through

Hush, the willow, hush the cricket


Soul is a sleepin’ tonight, off to the place of life drawing boards; the staging area for things to come

You’ll know him when the sparkle in his eye calls to you

You’ll know her from the twirls in her skirt

You’ll see them ripping through galaxies and exciting lady bugs at picnics.

So good night, sleep light and shed the spell of slumber on pillows and noses.

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