Not a regret


.: I think this is the monologue behind this song.

What is most wrong, is not saying it out loud anymore, because it got so old.

And I don’t know if I could ever forgive myself, but just let time go by and let the feeling settle in the deep part, the quiet one.

I knew so much better. I did. But you and every feeling were always stronger than any thought I would let surmount to anything

I don’t want to take it back or forget, it was worth it, even when good-bye is so far from reality or even a possibility.

It just got quiet and it’s suffocating me to the point where I’d rather turn away and shake it off

I’m more entitled to my leaves changing than to miss you.

I know I knew better.

But you know what? for me it was everything, for a while, for a memory of my life. Even if it was always wrong, even if the world saw nothing. Tried to make me feel ashamed, but I’m not. Even if I did know better. One should never regret loving with all their heart, ever.

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