Alter Ego Strings Attached

It does feel like rain

Each day is silently magical

Colors are warmer, gazes last longer

Memories and desires come together in revelry

Adjacent thoughts are splattered against the wall and onto any onlookers

It is overwhelming and scary and too late to turn back now

It’s been too late for a while

– The current state of world affairs is definitely not one of peace and love. How do you get passed that? Is it ok to know this and be happy?

— Of course it is, it is your birthright, it is everyone’s birthright.

– That is cold.

— So consider the alternative: be sad.

– That is a waste.

— Then be in love and do the best you can with what you’ve got.

-It’s not that easy!!!

— It never is, it never will be. It’s never going to be the way you want it to be.

-But it has, it kind of is.

So magicakdsj fñdsaj fñajfd ñajfdñ ajkdsf ñaljdfñadsj fñajkfñajkdsfalskdjf ñaljkfds ñlajkfd añjkf ajkf añjkfd ajf añjf ñajkfd añjfds añjkfds ajfd alkfdj añdjkfañdsjkf ajkf añjkfd

I am a wonderful writer in the future and you are my best reader. I tell you all the stories.


– You again?! Will you let me be please¡?!

— I can’t, every time you stop fiddling with your imagination, every time you stop letting your thoughts fly, I will be there, cutting the strings you use to tie it down.

-F I N E.

— By the way, this thing you wrote here, is crapy. Go back to writing the way you like to.

-Damn, I am a tad bit weird.

–Not you, just your alter ego.

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