Not getting what you bargained for? .

The movie you expected to keep you rolling in the aisles actually made you reflect, desire, hate and sympathize with the characters. Too bad you were expecting slapstick comedy.It goes without saying, being surprised and getting more than you bargained for is normally a good thing. (See how I did that?, I said it anyway.) So you were looking for a fling and you fell in love? Did you read the book by its cover? Having trouble identifying the meaning of life? – Sure, things we all want to think about on a Friday Night. Nuts!

Soul mate, the valiant fight for one’s soul mate, D I V O R C E, children, falling in love, falling out of love, not taking care of the relationship, laughing and senselessly falling back in love. It’s Hollywood baby and you can have any ending you like.

I can’t say I regret it. I can’t say much about my feelings, product of ooze coming out from the silver screen. I was kinda angry and kinda resentful kinda hopeful.

Overall a good Friday night.


Did you think I was going to share what this actually made me think?

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