One would expect to reach a meaningful degree of clarity when faced with certain demise. Yes, that dark abyss that collides and rams your awareness detonates a process that results in definition of –what is missing.

Yeah. not really. Till I thought about it in a different way.

What I would regret seeing written as the last thing said about me

Never lived in San Francisco

Never got married or had children

Never got to 30

Never wrote a novel

Clarity that illuminates the next step. It’s also good to see that the list is not full of regret. Having said everything I’ve said, read, kissed, danced, met, laughed, cried, thought, loved, seen, painted, sung, eaten, written, experienced-… and oh, the things yet to come!!! I’m thinking that the strategy so far has been effective. Indeed, each day is the last day on Earth. Fatalist, -yes. Am I wrong? –No. This thinking makes me smile longer, laugh harder and appreciate so much more.


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