Repetition is not a form of KnOwlEdGe

I finally got a fig in my mouth… not as good as I expected it to be. Alas, the grass is always greener in my imagination and fresher in my memories. This is the downfall to imagination.  #psych #bazzinga

There is no downfall to imagination.

What I really wanted to talk about is repetition.

One may forsake one’s self if one is not careful and mindful of certain details.

For example… no matter how many years I’ve been coming to the gym, every time I

come back I forget something… twice: my flip flops (discovered the usefulness of plastic bags around the feet), once my underwear –(yes, –I went commando), once deodorant (I always depend on the kindness of strangers in situations such as this one), and today… blessed be today, I forgot my towel, resourceful as I am, I managed to towel myself off with the tiny one and my blow dryer. Times like these I am glad that I have no qualms over what is not covered while getting dry.

This is probably the most aimless thing I have written since 2006.

Night y’all

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