I have writer’s block in my neck. It is very painful indeed. Perhaps a ripe fig would ease the suffering.

Alas, I have none. Nor fig nor berry to sweeten the ill-born pain to my left hemisphere.

it spreads to the rest of my neck and back, like a plague.

The bag of barley hardly soothes the tension that wraps me and contracts me

I imagine the sweet fig touching my lips and stealing the tension from muscle and movement

be born pain, to the fig! As I send the fig to an acidic death

I do not lament this bit of my imagination nor the demise of the delicious fig that would endeavor to meet my plight.


Por Rebel Rock



Foto por: Rebel Rock

Calaca de champinhonzote con ojos de higo aderezado con queso gelatinoso a la Robert :S

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