Careful what you wish because it will always come true

I’m curious about life in general and mine in particular.

But I need a manicure and that just makes thinking and typing that much more difficult.

What’s it all about? Getting what you want when you want it? Is there more science to it?

When you don’t get what you want, do you recoil and feel like a failure?

Is that the way, what, bleep?

Fear seems to determine too much these days

courage is rising and bubbling

determinants will be changed

variables are already different

time never ceases to change its course

I need to be courageous

the thing is… I just feel so let down. and then its no longer about courage

I do I do I do do do do do

everything gets erased till I see you again

that is the bottom line.

can’t deal with the erasing

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