Going down rabbit holes

You may create the world you most like.

What a spectacle when the people you love go down the rabbit hole with you.

Enchanting stories, silly stories, fights and making up. Back by popular demand.

A land where everything is possible. Delights and notes that turn into harmonies.

Years turn into a blink of an eye. History can be felt by finger tips that rip the air.

Smiles of complicity and songs that love to be sung

Games that transcend reality

Reality that dips into fiction

A hatter, a Queen of Hearts, the lovers, the sisters, the friends that find a place nobody was looking for but its seamless. Everyone was Alice last night. Everyone pulled each other down the rabbit hole.

Being swept off your feet, slipping off the edge of past and future and holding on by sheer will.

Morning coming too soon… each left the rabbit hole in their own time.

The trick you see, is to let the magic seep out of the rabbit hole.

And seep it does.


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