Mind over fiction

The phone rang. This made the sinking feeling in her stomach rise putting pressure on her heart and making it race.

beat beat silence

No, she thought, it’s not for me.  The phone hadn’t rung for her in such a long time, she was surprised by the reaction.

She stopped whatever she was supposed to be doing and started delving into the feeling that had overcome her body. She stayed with it long enough to feel it escape her. Doesn’t escape so much as come in waves. Music, a guitar solo in the background of her thoughts. Is this what people mean when they feel something for someone? Or is it the absence of the reciprocal feelings… Whatever… she said to herself. Too much thinking about nothing going on.

As clouds rumbled into her neighborhood she was certain that something ought to happen on afternoons such as this one.

The way it was supposed to play out had already played that way once before.

That afternoon the term “Sunday drive” had been redefined. The afternoon light was dim and a shady, nevertheless the welcoming grey embraced the green hills. The road seemed secluded and drawn from the travel memories of a wonderer. The kids in the car were no longer kids really nor adults. The road had winded and unwound them and silence had taken over. They all knew the experience was shared and everyone felt each other. The boy who didn’t fit in his body and thoughts kept him up at night, the brother whom belched love and seemed forever unrequited and the girl with the untamed heart and burnt honey whimsies.


The finest moment happened when it was pitch dark, (it would have been if it weren’t for the city lights), all the windows were down and the wind burst between ‘em. The car accelerated like a beast of massive agility and proportions and the road ceded to them. Michael Jackson’s Give in to Me rattled the speakers and jolted the crew into feelings that none discussed after that night. There was  a subliminal bond that formed between them and carried on through the years.


The girl’s heart was wound up by memories such as these. This hiatus that had settled in was well received. Nevertheless, the thought of him crept over her again. Really, this was no hiatus.

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