Blessings in wolf’s apparel

I like the title. Seems like a good title to start a post. It makes me think about the decisions I’ve made, the wants I’ve been granted and the wonders that haven’t been answered.

So there you are, wondering when –missing- will be over; seemed like it was the never ending story. No one seemed remotely interesting enough to consider as an alternative and letting go made you feel like you would loose the last remain of that love. You realized how ridiculous it was, nevertheless you kept it up.

You even stopped trying to move in any direction, sort of respected that the feeling seemed to be static (happy to realize that it really wasn’t, you were just in extra slow motion… you were also playing defense when anybody tried to breach the premises).

Sneaky Mc Sneakerton crept around the fortress and proved to you that you cannot protect yourself from feeling or moving on… This is what happens, life teaches you yet again that you can’t control everything you think you do.

Other situations include working ever so hard for something and realizing, mid way (hopefully) that you need to go back or forward, sideways is always a possibility, or the right or left direction to where you need to be. The thing is, you may have not had the same outcome had you taken a different road, worked less or slept more. It’s the wolf’s apparel my dear that has cloaked the blessing.

So, in the end or really the middle, your ultimate responsibility is to identify the life lesson or at least enjoy intermission.

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