The Mirror’s s’rorriM ehT

There will always be a movie about the sophomoric hunk of a guy who is dating the wonderful girl but falls into a spiraling ennui tornado and drives the relationship in the ground… a l w a y s

Can you relate to that? Why? Why not? (max. 60 words) (  /50).

What if you are a girl and have thought that that is the natural course of human relations between men and women? So it never occurs to you to feel any different.

But then you do. Out of the blue. You embodied those very feelings that you never thought to experience. Suddenly you are stepping outside the realm of possibilities (yes, this is the only real limit between possibilities and reality), you are outside of the “what you thought you knew”.

So it’s later, you find yourself –way in the game- wait, look around. It’s just as you had mapped it out, and that comes to no surprise to you, yet something is missing. Your heart is simply not in it and all you can do is remember with love a time when it was.

… long pause — right about…. H  E  R  E

So many things you can ask yourself, but more importantly, it’s the look you give yourself in the mirror, the one that beats all the words and define that lot of time you just /lived/cruised by/suffered/built.

Of course, the hardest questions of all are: should I stay and is it ok to go back? -I want back in.

and so, this feeling just went universal and your realm of possibilities expanded to the right and a bit to the far west.

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