about the truth

eluded to by most but hardly uttered in the presence of others

sometimes we even believe the untruths we say

as if reality were the final realm of life

some people live solely in truth others solely in the untruth. Believing that you are either a being of truth or untruth; there are no grey areas.

none withstanding, I can’t help but wonder if that alternate reality they create with untruth doesn’t in itself become a reality.

noticing how people utter the strangest things, almost out of the blue, just exclaiming how much they like to eat a certain type of sandwich, with no intention of asking the person listening what variety of sandwiches they like or if they like anything in general.

Does the type of sandwich you like take precedence over foreign affairs or the latest cosmic boom? –In fact it does for we cannot easily relate to the cosmos or swiftly changing affairs.

If you believe the world is coming to an end or are wishing to wear the same dress Duchess Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, that is what matters.

So, that is what matters most of all, is the matter, the inner, the you. Why should conversation be any different than the one you utter. Whether creating a façade or living with the inside hanging out, it is no less you.

girl and mirror

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