You and me and the cold sea

If I were by the cold sea, I’d stare at it and make monsters appear

I’d will the tide to come in and wash some of you away

I’d ask the wind to ruffle my memories and escape through the capillaries of my hair

May the cold breeze comfort my cheeks ’cause I will my eyes to be dry

May my fantasies stay by the cold sea, and the wind whisper my fantasies to he who will listen;

For I will leave them there where the tide will find them

I will leave those memories for the steady watchtower and the vigilant hermit crab

I call to the wind and the waves to hipothermotize and desensitize PPM in the sea, just at any other particle.

So there, I leave you by the cold cold sea where the monsters will have their way with you and bend you to their will, for I have lost all faith in the contrary.

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