A Redemption Song in the Key of EvolovE

Baby baby baby… I-Inhale one more time, double take and forget that it was the last of them. A key to our souls in the nook of our nose. Shoulders and arms like pieces that fit. My soul has no problem welcoming yours. The thought of you resounds like chords that have been perfectly orchestrated to create an explosion, pure and simple.

Having felt emerald pride, evolove, ruby anger, purple hurt, and swarthy burgundy sensations of desire intertwined with wild honey fantasy and expectation; the perfect navy blue plan for extrication is left last on the list of what must be done, and much less felt. What was wanted became priority. The end is not an option when one is so eager to open the door just to get in.

What path… wide with intentions and narrow with wisdom, rarely paved with the richness of experience. To your arms, to my arms, to songs and to light heels that bring heavy hearts and voices that sing out of tune with purpose and grief, but never regret.

Never a[dmit to] regret. Never admit you wish the world would stop and have everyone ignore what was so painfully obvious and then run very fast in the direction of -future-. Memories of dodging  you and learning to smile away. Nothing worked, nevertheless one day it stopped mattering, there was nothing left to hold onto. A free fall without the snap and tumble.

Serenaded by the wind and leaves, gently eased into a dance that longed to be rehearsed and perfected. Snap and tumble, you are completely exposed; half surprised but not as much as you claim to be. Breathe in deep.

Gently caress and enter the atmosphere of the evolove. A rhythm that bends to our whim and air that is created through reverse photosynthesis. Breathe out.

If I were smart, I’d stop there… more a fool than a smart.  Let eyes close and let the evolove guide our dreams, our bodies gave into the sleep.

The exception is defined by the evolove.

What about the rule?

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – The Kiss

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