About a Spider


It was Tuesday night and the air in the subway was stale. Why aren’t there any windows open? This stinks. I thought to myself. I reached out and lightly pushed a guy out of the way, the guitar case on his back was about to crush an older woman. Stupid child was on the phone and didn’t really care. This incident made me start burning inside, people who live indifference, breath it and are proud of it.
It was nice to strike up a conversation with the older woman and her friend, it made me forget how upset I had felt earlier.
By the time I got home I had gone through these feelings several times. I was exhausted and needed to be hugged… desperately. A martini or hot cocoa would also have been acceptable. Well, my friend showed up and decided we must go to dinner and I almost burst into tears. I didn’t feel like going to dinner. How ridiculous. So we sat down for a while in my living room. I could sense some tension in the air. This made me uneasy.
to be continued
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