2010: The Year of –Really?

So this is a bit more personal and less fictitious than my usual stories. I probably won’t keep it short.

This year started out -ok-, and then it got messy. People started leaving. This is no fun at all. Saying good-bye and wishing people well when you are really wishing everything would stay as before doesn’t feel right at all. In some cases I believe devil possession was involved or at least very unoriginal imaginations and intentions of domination and control. That is all I need to say about that. Well perhaps a bit more: because of people who create vacuums of love and affection there is evil. So yes, I blame war, hate and famine on these un-lovers. May you be ready for when karma strikes. Remember, karma is a bitch. I forgive you, I just don’t think Karma will do the same.

Danish left. That was hard. It’s hard to miss your sister, a piece of your soul. Thanks to technological advances and spell checks, we can talk pretty much every day. Still, I miss hanging out and her sandwiches. Have I ever mentioned her sandwiches? She also ate my almonds. Nobody eats my almonds anymore. Danish is the type of person who makes you feel loved and safe, no matter what. Lots of boring times together, lots of fun ones too.

School. This year translated into my last semester as a grad-student.  It was a combination of bitter sweet events, lots of work and imagination. Sweat, blood and tears, laughter and a few pounds of chocolate with my study group; this year was the culmination of a great learning adventure and making new friends. I enjoyed going back to school ever so much. It was simply the tops. Exercise three times a week, at least and I quit smoking –while I painstakingly restructured my research project-. I am very proud of that and that too. Also, I must give thanks to my family and friends for cheering me on when I felt not quite up to par. Loana was especially helpful. I am in great debt with her.

Loana is perhaps the friend I wish I could have grown up with. She is definitely someone who sheds light on becoming a better, more loving and a less selfish human being. I like that. Another special guide in my life is Renata and my grandmother. I’m thankful for these women.

I don’t want to go through the list of people who I admire and love. You all know who you are because I’ve told you and will continue telling you. I am so blessed to have met you and share some of the most delightfully colorful moments and sometimes very boring ones with you. I especially like the boring ones; that’s when I know it is all real. You have inspired me to keep reaching for the stars; some cheer others feed. I love doing the same for you, cooking and baking for you. I love planning special trips and spending the day together. Sometimes all of us together, other times one on one.

2010 was a spectacular year. One of my most loved ones got sick, very very sick. That was the sad part of the year… I give my most humble thanks that he recovered. I also give thanks because I have the opportunity to continue spending time with my family, all in good health, all happy. This is a true blessing.

I fell in love. Erroneously? Nah, love is never erroneous. I will say this – I do believe it’s my turn.-

I love the fact that I have rituals with some friends, with others, it’s always different. I love the laughter; that is music to my ears, food for my soul and sparklies in my eyes. New friends, old friends, continuously falling over and over and over again friends.  Making up with old friends is nice too. <Thanks>

So… this was a very productive year, happy year, sometimes sad year, but overall well lived, I know.

So, for now I wish you all a very Happy New Year, may you live with few regrets, a lot of laughter and love and projects that make your eyes dance.

Mom, dad… you rock. Sister and brother, sorry you got me as an older sister. I, for one, not two or three, have had a great trip so far. Here is looking at making new memories.


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