The Wedding Dance

The hall was filled to the brim with the smiles of friends and family dressed to the nines, wine glasses caressed by anxious onlookers… The Peabodies were married and everyone was waiting for them to walk in. Tables, dressed in floor-length linens,were arranged around the chocolate wooden floor, the candles hanging from the ceiling looked like stars. A general feeling of love at dusk was shared. As swift as a penny drops into a fountain, a soft piano beckoned those who were loved most by the couple to look towards the main entrance. The double doors creaked…

The couple looked at each other as the doors opened. They were beautiful, glowing and in love. Picture perfect, a picture to last them an eternity. Mr. Peabody  softly kissed his young bride’s hand and placed her arm in the nook of his. They walked effortlessly to the dance floor as the surrounding lights dimmed, almost to the beat of their steps to the center of the dance floor, which had been lined with rose petals.

A hush embraced the couple. Mrs. Peabody smiled at her formerly betrothed lover as he put his hand on the small of her back. The music began. A trip through time it seemed, as Guilty by Yann Tiersen started playing. Like magnets they pulled each other closer and Mr. Peabody whispered a promise of love in her ear, she mouthed what seemed to be –forever and ever-, gazed into his eyes and looked up at the starry candled ceiling. Mr. Peabody twirled his wife and her gown seemed to have a life of its own as it flowed at a different beat altogether. This dance was not for show, not for an applause, this dance was to commemorate the years of love to come, a simple display affection and joy. Their friends and family gazed lovingly and blew kisses at them as the music ended. The couple stared at each other as their foreheads met and then turned to everyone. Now they were officially married. Let the party begin…

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