The only exception… then what?

So there is a boy who meets a girl, or was it the girl who met the boy?


They make each other laugh, sing to each other (very much out of tune), dance each other to the stars and back. Quite possibly they are soul mates. Maybe they really aren’t. There isn’t much point in thinking about it anyway.

All she knows is that there is a familiarity that drives her crazy, crazy about him, crazy about who they both are when they are together.

This is what has kept everyone else at arms length. Nobody stands a chance to be with her because he is in the world and transcends in hers. Of course this is ridiculous. Reskonculous even(or is it riskonkiulis). This is the typical story of boy or girl meets, whatever, each other and then nothing. A series of anti-climatic meetings.

Quite honestly speaking, there isn’t anything typical about them at all.

Sometimes he tries, sometimes she tries, but life or ideas get in the way. But hey, they both believe in love and romance. She taunts him, he pretends it doesn’t get to him. They both know better, but do nothing about it.

This is very very frustrating. This might even be inexistent. Everything points to the intersection of the immaterial and everything yet to come. Which could very well be a one way street.

They do love each other. My take on it is that they just haven’t learned how to yet.

and gross



Will they ever? Should they even?

To be continued… maybe.

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