Day 1 of 14. Gastritis Away

I think it’s safe to say that my appendix did not burst two hours ago. Also, the pain did not originate in the abdominal region nor did I experience a bursting sensation. As I would imagine one feels in those situations.

Nevertheless there was a massive amount of pain that I attribute to Gastritis or something pulsating and ripping through what I imagine is my gal bladder or liver. Surely this is a case that only Dr. House can tend to. So if you see him, please forward my blog address to him.

I’m drinking the Svelty Gastro Protect 14 day gastritis away juice not dairy product. It’s pink, therefore making its ingestion not only easy but pleasant.

I fell asleep several times today quite convinced that the roll I could hear on the floor boards was actually death itself. To be sure, I tried to die with one eye open. This was no good, for it turned out to be sleep. Some people might argue, of course, a small death. In France, this has a whole different meaning. I am not adverse to this. Occasionally I like to experience multiple small-deaths.

Anyway, back to the not really dying and feeling a bit better…Imagen 269

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