My someday love

To you, who I’ve been hoping to meet:

I wonder what you look like. I like to imagine what things we will do together. What a day together will be like. We will love hanging out together; I’ll create special days for us.

I can’t wait to see the things you do. I can’t wait to learn the lines of you face and know what you mean when you look at me with your eyebrows recoiling ever so slightly.

I won’t worry so much about what words mean, I’ll learn to say: I’m yours and you are mine and that means just that. No worries about concepts and ridiculous discourses on freedom and earnest attempts to make it work despite myself. I know we will both work on it, love each other and respect each other.

My someday love, I know you are out there. We are going to be so happy to meet each other, it’s going to be everything we wanted, because we both believe we can make it so.

You are going to like most of my friends… I suspect you’ll even create nice friendships. They are so going to like you. They will glance and smile at each other when you meet them… –that’ll do. (I expect the same of yours, of course)

I won’t go into much detail, I think we should keep it a surprise. I suspect you like surprises just as much as I do, perhaps even as much as we both love midnight ice cream. You don’t mind that Fridays are for friends and Saturdays for us, I won’t mind that you really don’t care to count the days you spend with me or your friends. We learn balance together just as we have apart.

We both agree on the basics, the not so basics are fun to discuss, and you don’t mind that I laugh when we are being very serious. Sometimes you say things that are funny on purpose because you know that it will be easier to get through the discussion and get to eating ice cream and making out. I agree with you. Already I know you are incredibly intelligent and funny. And you laugh at my jokes, you really think they are funny.

When we spend time apart, we do miss each other. (we actually like missing each other because it gives us an excuse to write silly notes)

These past three weeks have revealed to me how excited I am to meet you…

So, good night my Someday love. Be sure I am thinking about you and wonder how the story will go. Meanwhile, I know you are enjoying life as much as I am… maybe even more. That is something we will really like talking about, to be sure. So sleep tight. I promise to leave the light on.



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