Dudes… we are all fruitcakes

This is dedicated to my father.  A most beloved fruitcake.

I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you are just as quirky as I am, maybe not in the same ways, but even your trying to be normal is quirky…

So, what would happen if we all give in to this notion? – the Fruitcake Notion-

This meaning that we feel completely and utterly unified by a state of being, inherent to all of us. –Why! I believe that the world would be a more tolerant and caring place to live in.  By George! I suspect that we would feel such kinship that we would look at each other as if we were all the most beloved brothers and sisters.

We would have to eliminate concepts such as power politics, supranational organizations, prisoner of war and outcast. The first years we would surely live in bewilderment…. -It was there the whole time. –”You and I are so utterly different.” and – There is no “we’re the same”. This would put –ourselves- on a concept plane equal to –everybody-.We would have huge parties, people dancing on the street during their lunch hour! –“After you!” –Oh please, be my guest. We would all be dudes and dudettes; a really great friendship free for all. People would just be nice to each other… we would have all gotten it.

Damn, if only there were something that everybody could agree on to cause that type of empathy in 100 percent of the population.

It sure is a shame that we don’t get how truly different we all are and how fucking special it is that we all share such a deep concept –difference-. Such a concept reaffirms our humanity and our sheer existence. Perhaps if we were more alike, we could not confirm/prove the existence of the other.

So dudes, dudettes… fruitcakes in general and more specifically, my brothers and sisters of this world, I love you and think everyday how special you truly are.


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1 Response to Dudes… we are all fruitcakes

  1. Bieda says:

    Gracias por dejarme leer esto en un periodo en que “esto” tiene más importancia…

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