Objects of affection and Parasitical Fantasies

Have you ever felt the deep desire to love someone? I don’t mean just from afar, I mean up close and personal. That feeling that makes your heart ache and wish you could go to them and step into their world, step into yours, play in between.

well… sometimes the object of your affection procrastinates in –something– and makes present circumstance neither here nor there. What can you do?

The lovely part about this is that you realize that the creative juices come rushing back to your finger tips and synapsis creates an electrical storm amidst dusty thoughts. These are the moments that make these feelings worth my while; moments that are ushered in by a muse with sounds, colors and words. Fantasy has run a muck and I am totally in omnia paratus.


One becomes a parasite of one’s own feelings, using these to create and even come to terms with what is going on and true desires. I wonder what Dr. Seuss thought about all day. Certainly not what I think about… I hope.

Flogging Molly – P.S. I Love You (OST) – If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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