Of Orgasms and wishes and their correlation with world peace

For every orgasm you achieve, you get to make a wish! If everybody did this, the world would be a better place to live.


P.S. I’m still writing about the weekend. I haven’t been able to describe it the way intended by the gods…


Una hecatombe musical

– precaución, esta compilación de frases de canciones populares producen excesivas cantidades de –algo-

Lee bajo tu propio riesgo. ¨**A mí única lectora o alma perdida en la web, si identificas los nombres de las canciones (sin Google o cualquier otro buscador), te haré un pastel!

I just can’t stop loving you, if I can’t stop, then tell me just what will I do. //somthing about you, is there in your eyes, everything I’m looking for seems to be there… I want to fall with you again, like we did, when we first met. I want to fall with you again.// If they say why? why? Tell em that it’s human nature. Why does he do me that way? // I’m very sure this never happened to me before. Now I see, this is the way it’s supposed to be, I met you and now I see, this is the way it should be for lovers, they shouldn’t go it alone… so come to me, now we can be what we want to be, I love you and now I see, this is the way it should be.// Tied up in ancient history, I didn’t believe in destiny, I look up and there you are, standing next to me.// I’ll be true to you// Life is like a song, at last, the stars above are blue, my heart was wrapped up in clover, the night I looked at you. I found a dream that I could speak to, a dream I can call my own, I found the thrill to press my cheek to, a thrill that I have never known. You smile, you smile, oh and then the spell was cast, and here we are in heaven, for you are mine at last.//At last I found what I was dreaming of, so bad I want to tell the whole world that I wont say no more, I won’t make it harder. At last the love that I was dreaming of… Someone who truly understands  me, a man I can trust. Now my life has a goal a good happy home. Made up my mind, it’s time to settle down. But don’t hold this against me.//No me gusta esperar, pero igual te espero… primero te quiero igual. No sé si estoy despierto o tengo los ojos abiertos… El día que me quieras no habrá más que armonía, endulzará sus cuerdas el pájaro cantor, florecerá la vida, no existirá el dolor.// Tell me when will you be mine? Tell me quando quando quando, we can share a love divine. Please don’t make me wait again. Oh my lover tell me when. Everyday seems a lifetime. Let me show you the way. Say it’s me that you’ll adore. //You kept falling in love, and then one day, when you fell, you fell towards me. Please don’t go. I want you so.// Both of us thinking how good it can be. Someone is speaking, but she doesn’t know he is there. Each one believing that love never dies, watching their eyes, and hoping I’m always there.//I want to love you and treat you right, I wanna love you, everyday and every night. We’ll be together with a roof right over our  heads, we’ll share the shelter, the same room, is this love is this love  is this love is this love that I’m feeling? I am willing and able, so I throw my cards on your table.// Love comes out of no where, just like a hurricane. It feels like rain. Leave your heart up your sleeve, it looks like were in for stormy weather, that ain’t no reason for us to leave. it feels like rain.// Tonight you’re mine completely
You give you love so sweetly. Tonight the light of love is in your eyes. But will you love me tomorrow? Is this a lasting treasure Or just a moment’s pleasure? Can I believe the magic of your sighs? You say that I’m the only one. But will my heart be broken When the night meets the morning sun? I’d like to know that your love Is love I can be sure of So tell me now, and I won’t ask again. Will you still love me tomorrow?//I want to tell you how much I love you.  Do you remember when we met, that is the day I knew your were my pet.//I’m scared, so afraid to show I care. What if there is another one he is thinking about, maybe he is in love. I’d feel like a fool, life can be so cruel, I don’t know what to do. –I’ve been there with my heart out in my hand but what you must understand, you can’t let the chance to love him pass you by. Your faith will lead love where it has to go.//I want to marry you, isn’t that what you want to? //I’ll be with you when the stars start falling. //AUUUUUUUUUUUUUU –do it again I know we should. Yeah shinkitimishakurmarlobudl wauuuu! The sun is up so fizzy I could burst! Say it will always be like this forever and ever and ever! //If this world makes you crazy and you’ve taken all you can, you call me up, because you know I’ll be there, show me your true colors, that is why I love you. // ay ya, sobredosis… no terminé  la lista y es muy posible que deba correr a hacerme una prueba de diabetes. demasiado tarde! se ha enmorado mi pie izquierdo. ufff basta. en serio. deja de de escribir. Oye tu! Deja de leer! Si llegaste hasta aquí, estás más enferm@ que yo.

Si este es el caso… ¡Vivan los románticos que hacen girar la tierra, quienes han poblado los sueños y familias que cantan juntos!

ahí va la mía…

I’ve been wondering if you think about me too, if your heart aches when you see my face.

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