I wanted to write something…

In a sense, it’s everything.

Nothing I thought I wanted but then again, never thought I wouldn’t want.

It’s concealing what you really want

Then again, it’s understanding that what you want isn’t what you need, just what you want.

I something…. I know I something.

There is a feeling that I can’t call anymore, but it’s there. I’ve painted, I’ve written, I’ve played, I’ve cried and I’ve laughed, I’ve yelledkickedscreamed… It’s trapped.

I know I’ve trapped it. Mind you, it was supposed to escape, be free …. I yelled…. Be free!!!!

Oh no… it’s there… the no name feeling is there.


That doesn’t help… lame excuse for a song… ba da da da da da da dum…. Aha… Te qui la

Tru truuuu turu trutrurrrr utruuuu trututrutrttu TE QUI LA

See… singing won’t set it free.

Maybe I am mistaken, and this is just an excuse to write again… DUUUU DUUUUU DUUUU DUU DUUUUUUU DUUU DU DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU Tequila

We’ll see…

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