A draft

There are things that happen in this city that might have never crossed your mind, if it weren’t for this story. Things that have little apparent value and arouse little interest, therefore you probably know nothing of them. One such thing happened the other day, in a house in the suburbs.

It was Friday, a midst a muggy summer. The fireflies were humming and glowing and there was light dew on the blades of grass; it had rained earlier in the afternoon. It was dusk and the last of the light was almost out. I watched everything from my porch. It was breathtaking, night after night, sometimes it would go unnoticed, others, I felt privileged.

Friends were stopping by for a glass of wine and chat about work, life, love, the latest movie.

About fifteen minuets after sunset, people started arriving, and we went inside. They took their shoes off and let the cool hardwood floor do its job.

We sat around the coffee table; I had laid out cheese, crackers and 5 glasses of wine. We spoke of the weather, politics, Dr. House and the last Harry Potter movie.

The interesting part came about when our bladders started needing to be relieved. So Normy, Jerry and I went to the bathroom… My bathroom has two toilets. Jerry and I sat on them while Normy stood next to the sink. We discussed bathroom etiquette, wiping in public toilets and averting eyes. From then on Jerry and I would be pee-buddies that slowly turned into a family name, the Peabodies. Soon after, he proposed, or better said, proclaimed a marriage and we became the Peabody Fairly-Tinkles.

That evening ended much like the rest, full stomachs, happy hearts and tired brains.

A year later, Pipo Peabody Fairly – Tinkle was born. We share joint custody of him, and are an odd family. None the less we ensure that our son follows proper bathroom etiquette, and he, a new born, is a very well adjusted new born. If I do say so my self. We, Mr. Peabody and I, are a completely different fruit to begin with…

And so, the first draft of how the Peabodies came to be has been written.

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1 Response to A draft

  1. gerardo says:

    I love the story… Just one thing… when did I start sitting down to pee?!?!? And I never wipe under those circumstances haha!!! I\’m looking foward to the second draft!!!

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