A moghment of signs

All of a sudden a stillness eroded me when the song came on… it was incredible, the busy street became hush quiet and the wind stopped blowing, all I felt was the beating of my heart in my throat… no matter how it is, no matter how it starts… and a plane flew over head, someone ran the tap water in the kitchen and the world started a little bustle and then became quiet again.

It is still a wonder to me how some songs creep under my skin, between my temples and into my chest. What is to become of this life?

I want the sun in my hair and the arms of a lover around me, the feeling of early morning cold and mid afternoon warmth.

The stillness of everything just right and a tumultuous clamor every now and then.

Don´t want a house of cards, I want a something I don’t know yet.

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