There is a comfort in the little nothings that seem to go by without notice when the day is done.

It’s the way my sister smiles at me when she is angry, but reassures me that we are still good, the way she tilts her head and uses her voice in a deeper funnier way… just to let me know, in case I could doubt that sisters really are forever and ever.

After fighting and not wanting to say good –bye, a lover gets into his car and pauses… shines the headlights softly in hopes she will come to the window and kiss him goodnight, because he too wishes for reassurance of at least tomorrow.

The message you send to an ex lover longing for the words he used to say to you… pinche niña… meaning every feeling of being lost in love and just smiling back because there is absolutely nothing to be done, just feel…

The smell of cookies in the oven you didn’t know were baking, the feeling of a bed you can lie in for 5 more minutes. Waking up and realizing his arms had been around you all night, not moving because you need to not wake him up and just feel the warmth because the day would be stirring you both anyway.

It’s my father´s voice when he is worried and that makes him real. My mother´s voice when she is more angry than scared.

Watching a movie you´ve seen 10 times and seeing something you had never seen before… this reassures you that love really can last forever…

My oversized grey sweater and the color blue.

My mother saying I love you. The humming of the dishwasher.

The good-bye hug, the hello hug, the never let go hug

A well placed kiss, a well thought song

The right amount of chocolate powder, a quick thought of fairy dust

My grandmother´s hello!

A te quiero when you thought things couldn’t be worse, light eighties rock; the song I knew I had to run in the rain with… can´t remember which one it was.

The Puff the Magic Dragon song… the way my dad rings the doorbell.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream and my sweatshirt.

My Little Women book…


Yep very nice things…

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