Taken from The Spirituality of Sex:

Fast, free sex stands in the way of sustainable bonds, which are
essential to society. If we degrade love to individual pleasure, we
also degrade the values associated with it. Society becomes
“worthless”. A society without the values of care, solidarity and
responsibility will fall apart, will disintegrate. The result is
nothing less than decadence, which is precisely one of the
characteristics of a culture in decline, as determined by “civilization
watchers” Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee in their historic studies
of civilizations. When ” due to boredom” people no longer have a reason
to live, a culture dies. This is what happened to the Chinese, the
Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans.

Sex is not an isolated phenomenon. Sex cannot be separated from
love, marriage, family and society. It is the energy that brings men
and women together. And the future is born out of that togetherness. If
lovers only had a cursory connection, they wouldn’t have to get
married. They apparently marry to form a communion. Marriage seals the
intention that love and faithfulness take priority over desire and
profit. And sex feeds the fires of love. In his book The Soul of Sex,
Thomas Moore writes: “Marital sex is actually a type of ecology, a way
to take responsibility for ourselves in the world, to contribute to the
creation and development of the community and to plant the seed of love
in a world that yearns for harmony.”


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