Drug Lords take over Reynosa, Tamaulipas in Mexico

Drug Lords take over Reynosa, Tamaulipas in Mexico

Reynosa is a city that idolizes drug lords, similar to the ways some rap idolizes gang violence. Some drug lords have even become patrons. “El Hummer” donates millions of pesos to the needy, a vast part of Reynosa´s population when flood waters inundate the area. This in turn gains himself and other drug lords that make these type of donations respect and admiration. There are many accounts of people helping people in drug trafficking escape from authorities.

The Mexican army is in Reynosa has been trying to gain control for the past years and today the drug bands opened fire and took an elementary school hostage, murdering several children. This story needs to be told.

This is not an isolated case. Drug traffickers taking over cities is very common. Civilian lives are being lost and the Mexican media is not paying attention to this. This constitutes a failed state, when the military cannot exert power to maintain the State´s livelihood.

I hope that one day these “minor incidents” (as reported by the Mexican media) will not only merit attention from international media, but also pressure Mexico´s civil society into making changes towards a cleaner and less corrupt country.

Metronoticias Tamaulipas, retrieved Feb. 17, 2009, from:

Today, Febuary 18, 2007, these “armed civilians” have taken over another school and executed (name unknown) in front of the Human Rights Office in Reynosa. School has been cancelled at all levels, from elementary to university.

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