Listen to the wind

Listen to the wind and hear the name it whispers
Give in to the wind and breath out
You are wind and light
Love and color and music
Not broken, not whole
but part of the whole
The mother and the child
The lost ones and the ones that are found
The war and the peace, the dychotomy of soul
A lost lunar communication tool
A new intuition
Growth and evolution, just like the Embassador that was once a tree
Or a star that exploded and gave new souls
After all, it is all love
Love in boxes, in pictures and songs
The certainty of the next life
and the ambiguos tomorrow
Bring the dead to me, they know now
To hook on to the waves of yesterday and the conquistadores que nos dieron vida con su salvaje penetración
To the Maga and la Malinche, birthmothers of our culture and fertility of our earth
They live in your eyes and your children
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