Damn it… I forgot what I was going to write, again… I have to start carrying my notebook.

I just watched a teen movie called Twilight. Between laughter and sobbing and melancholic smiles I can say that I felt like a teenager again. I remembered what I fantasized about… I remember how I fantasized about love. Dear lord, I am so happy that I didn’t see this movie when I was a teenager, it would have completely ruined love for me.

-What teenager doesn’t love with that intensity, that foolishness and attachment?

In the middle (because that is where I am at, the middle) you learn to guard yourself because you have felt the pain of loss and learned that really nothing is forever. So, shouldn’t we be even more intense, knowing that what we have now may or may not be there tomorrow. When did free love and no attachment become a way of life? Where is the intensity in that?

Isn´t that just a way to avoid the hurt at the end? Isn’t it all just a waste of time and energy if you don’t connect, while you have the chance? Get intense…

When did we stop loving foolishly and start guarding ourselves against such wonder?

In any case, I have made my decision.

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