Título (Obligatorio)

I’ll go through the gates of hell for you, just promise to let me in.

Promise to recognize me.

This is beautiful, majestic love, love that doesn’t come around everyday. The kind that requires connections and work. The kind that goes away if you let it.

Learning to walk away is also a kind of love.

Love comes in all sizes and shapes.

Love is tall, love is round.

Love is breath that turns into wind.

Love cannot be molded or harnessed, decided or ruled on.

You grow from it, you learn, you live it

You learn to see the person, the essence, the heart of the matter.

Learning to walk away and keep your part.

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1 Response to Título (Obligatorio)

  1. Fernando David says:

    Estas frases… son muy interesantes, muy profundas… sigue escribiendo!!!

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