High on Life or Low on Love?


Saturday October 4th, 2008

Damn, I totally thought he was going to break up with her… but he asked her to marry him…

High Fidelity: he looses her to his own inability to commit, to make the connection. Then he gets her back and realizes little by little that a relationship and the freedom lived in a relationship is what he wants.

Now this movie, with the stellar presentation of the Kinky Wizards has a bit more to offer than just a kick as soundtrack and a pretty face.

He has found his partner, the person he can admire in the mornings before and after the shower and whom he knows he misses when she is not around. A partner in crime, the person you want to hold hands with and make love to. The person you just need to tell your day to even if it´s not over yet.


Has this ever happened to you?


They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up. (Big Fish)

Its amazing, one moment you are on your bed, clothed… your best friend calls and drags you out of bed. You have to change your jeans. You’re pulling up your cool jeans and all of a sudden you know your life is going to change forever. THIS IS NOT PANTOMIME, THIS IS A BOLT OF LIGHTINING COMING THROUGH YOUR BEDROOM CEILING STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BRAIN. You get there, upset by this feeling. Mostly upset because you can’t believe that the night will actually live up to what your soul was telling you.

Now, there is no ceiling, you are walking in the evening air and GOD DAMN IT your eyes cross and that was that my friends. The whole night the only song you actually hear is “I’ve Just Seen A Face” (Beatles), give or take a year later, you can still hear that song.

The rest is just life. This is how it happens, not like in the movies not like in books. It’s the real thing; Just love and kissing and a brief understanding of how things can fit perfectly with out even swishing the pieces around. The rest is missing and letting go. The rest is completely unknown and full of beauty.

How is it that life happens? You think it, and then BOOM, SMASH, KABOOM! Life just starts happening and its up to you, its all up to you to make it stick go the extra mile, keep the smile on her face. Remember why you are there in the first place, because sometimes it’s so much easier to give up than have to look the other person in the eyes and face your feeling and their feelings. I know I have forgotten and then remembered what it was all about when it was too late to go back to the simplicity of looking at the person and making the connection.

Let us think for a moment that all of this really isn’t coincidental, but that the laws of attraction can break barriers that are made up of kilometers and lives and voices. Can you break the voice barrier at a concert with your love? Can you break the barriers in your brain for love?

If we take love out of the equation and jump, will we regret it?

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