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Good Evening

Tonight on Chanel F News

It has been discovered, by yours truly, your favorite anchor amphibian, that it is evident that buildings do not having a thirteenth floor for the same reason that people don’t name their children Satan. I have also discovered that amphibian is written with an “M” and not an “N”, contrary to what I had always suspected. This in turn makes me think that even when I have had a strong feeling of something, I am not always right and must hone the real feelings.

I would not name my child Satan, but I would have a 14 story house and name my daughter Lucy Fernanda and avoid calling her Lucyfer.

There has been an explosion in this amphibian’s heart. Till now there have been no reports of bystanders injured or even impressed by this explosion. The fire is still burning and has been since last year. People in the vicinity of this explosion are not worried; they are sure that soon enough, there will be nothing left to combust.

Such repressions as need have been discovered to “not be that off mark”. I for one would like to not work so hard to not need anyone. When I was a child, I had a clearer idea of love and need. No, need is not wrong. I feel that now. Now that I have stripped all ego from IT, there is an element of need, a ton of love and a heap of desire. To need is as natural as love. To fulfill as natural as a kiss in the morning. I should have let myself need, I should have let that person know it was not just love, certainly I did not have to go it on my own. I already knew I was strong enough. To learn it is ok to lean on you as you may lean on me, that is part of true love and trust. I would not reproach you if you needed me, because I know you love me just the same.

Did you see what I wrote there?

Just in: there is a shortage of kisses and hugs in the south of Mexico City. Town Council is meeting as I report this to find subsidies that will mitigate the need of the affected. We have interviewed one of the victims of this faceless crime.

Ms., are you aware of the precarious situation that this shortage has put this entire neighborhood in?

Ms,: Why yes.

Ms., Do you believe that relief will come soon enough?

Ms: Why ever would it? There would be nothing left to write about.

Ladies and Gentleman… there you have it, the shortage will go on as long as people are too proud to admit that there is a reason to reclaim a stake in this crisis.

Now I know.

To all of you out in LaLaLaLaaLand, I can assure you that I am not under the influence of anything but a song. My lightheadedness today is natural. The thoughts that go out tonight are seeking to hit home, my planet… I want to go home. I want to go back to that place where my voice echoes with your laughter, the place where somehow everything was as it should be.

On another note, it has been proven that time tunnels opened with THC do exist. Why just a few days ago I traveled back in time with an acquaintance, you would have never guessed that old times were actually present and not the other way around. Yes, for a brief instant, there was a rip in the time – space continuum, new times were past and old times were present. Whether or not we were in the past or present is not clear yet.

That is all for me, Good Night and God´s Speed. And remember, if you are loving someone, fucking go out and get them, and make things right. If you have been done wrong, then feel free to believe that destiny may exist as far as your decision to believe in it does.

R the Frog

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