Every time I see a geek my heart skips a beat

I can´t wait till the next time we meet

I can see us, a new life

You are in my soul; you are part of my soul

Next time, next life together

We’ll get it right

Standing in line for a movie

Waking up in the morning

The daughter you dreamed

Next life, we’ll get it right.

Gradasil Gradasil, oh my Gradasil

You might be right, you might be tight… you might bring us a long night

Gradasil Gradasil…

Its not fear of the dark, its fear of the end of history

I wonder Gradasil, you say “I save you”, you say “I kill you”…

Fuck you! you bipolar son of a bitch

With a throw of the die and a little syringe, win a little heaven? maybe closer? Or will it…

Would I come back? See if we meet again?

Would I ask to become an angel to take care of someone? Could I help someone?

Would you become and angel too?

I wonder if we’ll meet again…

Next time we’ll get it right.

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